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New Perspective

I was motivated to revamp my blog.

My life has become so confusing, emotional and stressful. Placing me in a deep dark hole that I would like to desperately get out of. This hole is not Wonderland and I’m not Alice.

I just want to come out for air…


Burst of expression

Yo steups wham to u! The vagina tasting that good that after all that make u leave she u runnin back swear u real disappointing me inno! Steups choosing a vagina over something that is more important to u than ur life *rolls eyes! I so wish I culd clout u inno or slap u to ur senses…maybe someone need to chop off ur dick! I feel so inno cause that’s all u thinking with…I had spo much respect for u inno n u jus blind n stupid…

Swear that vagina betr doh even try to talk to me inno cause I’d tell she that she pussy cheesie n smelling like a dog dead in it!

I don’t owe her anything…FUCK OFF!!!


New friends!

Its always interesting when developing new friendships, not just acquaintances but real, meaningful friendships!

Creating these friendships and maintaining them is almost as hard as being in boyfriend- girlfriend relationship!

Some are so worth it, while other you learn were not just meant to be!

My heart hasn’t accepted this lost

On this day 4 years ago I experienced the closer death to date in my life. Jenelle Mc Donald- Mohammed, my sister in law, my mother, my friend, my confident :(! I remembering hearing the news, I could not even cry all I could’ve think about was my brother and your 2 daughters one 12 year and one 6 year old. I still mourn for you everytime I deeply think of you and tears flow from my eyes, even though I experience this I do not think that I fully got over the shock.

She died in a fatal car accident on her way to a final exam :(! In a stupid taxi! I have so many evil thoughts towards that man! But that can’t bring you back.

I miss you so much! You have impacted my life greatly! And I wish you were here to share more days with your husband and daughters.

You were a positive addition to this family! Till the day I die I’d be talking about you! I would never get over this!

Everytime I see Kaya I see you in her. I know that may sound typical but it so true!

I wish one day you would walk through the door and smile!

If there is a heaven I know your there and I can’t wait to see you there again.

I love you! Xoxoxo!

How to shave your vagina/penis?!

So in this internet generated generation we no longer need “How to books”, when we have “Youtube”.

I’ve wondered for many years though, how to PROPERLY shave ones vagina or penis :s

I know that may sound weird but I bet some of yall probably thought about it already :p

Sadly youtube does not provide a “How To” video. I await the day someone is brave enough to post something like that lol






So like I’m 21 and let’s all be real most of us are not virgins anymore so at such an age sex has become a huge topic in relationships.

What happens now when one person wants to seal the deal and the other thinks that they shouldn’t expand the relationship to that extent.

The one who wants to bull would sit there and make the other person feel guilty for making them suffer, as they not getting any “loving”.

Does this person really love and care for the other? Why they can’t jus accept the other persons decision stand by their side?

Or is it that the one who is holding out should just give in and do the do!

The decision is up to the particular individuals but my opinion is Sex should not be such an issue unless you just want to bull all the time..then you don’t want a relationship, you want a bulling partner.

I’m not sayin that sex in a relationship is bad. But society has just made it into a touchy topic and along with the consequences that come with it. It should be understandable to want to be celibate.

Get it in your head!

Get it in your head!



ok so another social network site :/… wonder if this ones any use… always a plus to my new profiles without the million way too curious eyes looking and critiquing everything i say and do… so lets see bring it on tumblr! :)